Harry Potter House Sorting Reaction

     Since Harry Potter is my life, I thought it would be more than suitable to talk about my Hogwarts and Ilvermorny house sortings on Pottermore. 

     If you’re a Harry Potter fan and have not checked out Pottermore, I highly reccommend you do because there are so many stories and details about the world on there that are so amazing to read, plus you can be sorted and find out what your wand is like by taking quizzes. Who else remembers the old Pottermore where you could travel through the story and actually go to the places in the book and read about them? I thought that was the best thing ever. Going to diagon alley to buy books, ingredients, and an animal was my favorite, although the dueling was fun.

     Anyways, let’s get started.

     In case you haven’t heard, I’m a Ravenclaw. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know this. The very first time I took it in middle school, I got into Slytherin because I tried so hard to pick the answers that sounded like they belonged to Slytherin. That was during my Draco Malfoy obsessions. Oh Tom Felton. When I took it this year, I was actually true to myself and chose what I wanted, although I did hope to be in Gryffindor. Pretty much everyone hope for Gryffindor though to be honest. When I got to reading about Ravenclaw, I actually was really interested. I knew that was the house for the intelligent, but I didn’t know it was also for the creative and curious, which is definitely me. I mean their common room is like a library, how perfect is that?

     I also think the background of the house ghost, Rowena Ravenclaw, is really interesting and the whole lost diadem story. Another perk, my favorite color is blue. It was meant to be. 
     Something that I found interesting as well is that you have to answer a riddle each time you enter the common room, although that would get really annoying if you were running late to class and forgot something, but at least you would have an excuse.
     As far as the notable alumni go, I’m not really all that excited because there’s a self-centered, plagarist fathead named Gilderoy Lockhart, god he was so awful, and Professor Trelawney who, although she’s nice and a beloved Hogwarts teacher, is just crazy, like strange crazy. Let’s not forget the insane first-year Dark Arts teacher who had Voldemort growing out the back of hs head, and I never really liked Cho Chang either, she annoyed me even though I felt bad about Cedric. But there is Ollivander and Flitwick, who I really liked, obviously since they were so kind and helpful. Luna is a Ravenclaw too and I absolutely love her, she was so cute and imaginative, I used to ADORE her.
     I feel like Ravenclaw would be the most fun to be in for me, and I’m really glad I was sorted into that house.
     As for Ilvermorny, I didn’t really know what the houses were, not many people do since it’s such new information, but it’s the North American wizarding school, and there are four houses as well: Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Wampus, and Pukwudgie. The only house I really know is Thunderbird because that is my house, but I do know that Horned Serpent reflects the mind and the scholars; Thunderbird, the soul and the adventurers; Wampus, the body and the warriors; and Pukwudgie, the heart and the healers.
     I really like that I got into Thunderbird. I know that J.K. Rowling was sorted into Thunderbird, so that makes me so pround. I do love adventures and what Thunderbird stands for. The Thunderbird is also a creature that creates storms as it flies, and that’s honestly so incredibly awesome. I love storms.
     If you would like to read more about Ilvermorny, there is some information on Pottermore as well as the sorting quiz. The story behind the school is fascinating, although I will always have allegiance to Hogwarts.
     The wand that chose me is of ebony wood, ten inches, has a phoenix feather core, and has surprisingly swishy flexibility. Maybe my wand was connected to Harry and Voldemort’s by th feather of the same phoenix… dun dun dun. Apparently the phoenix feather is the rarest core type, so that’s pretty cool, it goes along with my individuality in the Ravenclaw house. On the same note, the ebony wood is for those who have the “courage to be themselves.” The flexbility also ranges based on the “willingness to change” and the “adaptability” of the wand owner. I love how much detail J.K. Rowling has put into this world, it blows me away every time I think about it.
     Comment down below the houses you were sorted in and what wand you received😊 Thank you for reading!

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