10 MORE Creative Writing Prompts to Keep You Writing

10 Creative Writing Prompts To Keep You Writing     Hey everyone!

A long time ago I did a post about this, which you can read here. I thought that this post may be pretty helpful for everyone because school is in full swing and it can be hard to find inspiration or get back into the writing mood. Most of these I pulled from other websites to find some really interesting prompts. Happy writing!

  1. Begin with “I wish someone had told me…”
  2. An asteroid and a meteoroid collide near Earth, and fragments rain down onto the planet’s surface, wreaking havoc. Some of those fragments contain surprising elements…
  3. Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?
  4. Write about a place where two rivers meet.
  5. Your character is being lectured by someone in a position of authority, how do they react? (character development help)
  6. Describe the rooms of the following three characters; an artist, a spoiled child, a military leader. Bring them together somehow.
  7. You’re in a room full of people and you’re the only blind person. Describe the area.
  8. Begin with “the hallway was silent…”
  9. Write about a valet driver who steals a car.
  10. Use these words in your story: ballet, garbage, magic, bowl, and fish.


Hope these give you some inspiration or just some fun!

Thanks for reading!


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