Hunter: The Fallen One Review



Title: Hunter: The Fallen One

Author: C. L. Hagely

Publisher: Smashwood Edition

Format: eBook – Review Copy

Release Date: October 31st 2016

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars



~ Goodreads Synopsis ~

A hostile takeover of earth is unfolding secretly right before our very eyes. Is this a political move, or is something much more ancient and sinister at hand? Mystery schools were formed by the elite to train soldiers to further their agenda.

Lian Hunter is a freshman at one of these schools for the exclusively wealthy; the Tri- Asterisk Academy in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. When students start suddenly disappearing, Lian starts to feel something evil and corrupt underlying the veneer of the academy. Can he uncover the truth about his school before it is too late or is he just another soldier in training?

~ ~ ~ ~

     In my opinion, this book was a really good read. Initially, I was a little turned off by the plot just because it’s not really something I would usually be interested in (avoiding spoilers). To me, this book gives off a more middle grade vibe than a YA vibe, which isn’t bad at all, althought it takes place in a high school. I love middle grade just because it’s so easy and fun to read, and that’s exactly how this book reads. It’s adventurous, fun, and exciting.

     As for the plot, it was kind of hard seeing where the story was going to take me – which is also not bad, it actually added a different element to the book and made me want to know what would happen, especially in the later chapters when everything really began to unfold. It was a little refreshing for me to read a story like this because I’ve been reading so many olden-day-magicy books.  Hunter takes place in the far future (although I don’t know how far – there’s just cool gadgets and extinct species to tell us how society has advanced and changed), and there is a unique kind of creature and past that is involved that I’m intrigued to learn more about in the next book.

     The characters were kind of hard to relate to, which I believe is because they felt young and I’m a college oldie at 19. I did care for Lian because he just kept getting himself into so much trouble and I just wanted him to be safe, lol. I honestly didn’t like Gabriel at first just because he was such a know it all, like he is the literal definition of the walking encylcopedia of random knowledge. However, it helped the plot and it was mostly knowledge that had to do with the history of the town and its culture so it’s practical he would know it so I didn’t mind. Along that same line, there was a lot of convenience with the story, like everyone just seemed to automatically have something to help Lian, but it really did help me to understand the plot and the twists a little better and move the story along.

     Something I did really enjoy was the Harry Potter similarities. The whole school setting thing is my thing, I dig that, and there’s a lot of it. Also, Professor Snodgrass felt like a mix of Snape and Slughorn which was an interesting and great blend of characteristics. There were a lot more similarities, but they have just escaped me to be honest.

     In all, it was a good, easy, and fun read that was able to keep my interest. The end really made me want the sequel, which is great, though taunting, because it’s not out yet. There did seem to be a lot of extraneous information and details, but it did not hinder the story at all and gave the book its own voice. If you’re looking for something different and fresh, I would highly reccomend Hunter: The Fallen One!

     Thank you for reading!


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