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RipIt_or_ShipIt Tag

Hey everyone!

I saw this tag done by ABookUtopia and PeruseProject on booktube and thought it was super interesting! Some of these characters are recommended by you guys when I asked for characters on my twitter (@taylorisreading – shameless self-promo). What I did was I cut up pieces of paper with character names on them and then randomly picked out two characters at a time. Let me know if you guys do it because it was really fun and I’d love to read your posts. Hope you all enjoy these ripped or shipped bookish couples!

1.  Chaol (Throne of Glass) and the Darkling (Shadow and Bone)

If it were the Darkling in the first book and the Chaol of Queen of Shadows, I could possibly see this. Like the Darkling was good, but still a little evil, and Chaol was so frustrating in that time. I feel like the Darkling would have been annoyed by Chaol, so I rip it.

2.  Cinder (Lunar Chronicles) and Kady (Illuminae)

Ok, have you heard of a better duo? Like they’re both super baddies and are independent and aren’t afraid of a little violence. I love this. I totally ship it. Their skills would work so well together, especially in bringing down the AI in Illuminae.

3.  Shahrzad (The Wrath and the Dawn) and Ignifex (Cruel Beauty)

This could be so beautiful. I love them both with the people they’re paired with in their respective novels, so of course I cannot support the splitting of two amazing couples. If they happened to find each other, and were single, I would totally ship it. I feel like their personalities would mesh so well, like Shahrzad’s cunningness and Ignifex’s Ignifexness would work well together. Especially because Shahrzad is a lot like Nyx.

4.  Tamlin (A Court of Thorns and Roses) and Maven Calore (Red Queen)

These two people are just so awful they’re almost perfect for each other, as in friends or a relationship. I actually ship this because I just hate them both so much and they both push me to the extent of my anger without self-destructing that they would make for great partners. I definitely ship it.

5.  Jackaby (Jackaby lol) and Scarlet (Scarlet lol)

Eh. I think I rip this. They don’t really stand out as two people I would think must meet each other. They are just so different in what they do and their missions, I can’t see it ever happening.

6.  Rowan (Throne of Glass) and Mal (Shadow and Bone)

This, however, would be great. They are so similar. They are both super protective, tough Rowan is obviously far more protective, and they would be so understanding of each other. I feel this time that Rowan would be a little annoyed by Mal because he’s a little human boy, but I think it would work.

7.  Sirius (Harry Potter) and Nyx (Cruel Beauty)

Can anyone not see this couple?? They would look so good together. The age difference would be a little concerning, but they would be the most attractive couple. Maybe if Sirius were a few years younger. I also feel like Nyx is a little too dark in her heart for Sirius because he is so pure, but if the relationship is anything like Nyx and Ignifex’s, which I think it would be, it would be beautiful. I entirely ship this anyway.

8.  Percy (Percy Jackson) and Alina (Shadow and Bone)

Not really. Maybe in friendship, but still not really. Alina is way too serious for Percy; Percy is so funny and cute and just way too good for Alina. I found Alina a little dull too, so it just wouldn’t work. I rip it.


Ok, yes. Again, I hate them so much that they work. I hate Umbridge even more though because she’s just… Umbridge. Maybe Voldemort would find her insufferable, but I could see it. Though Bellatrix and Voldemort is still a thing to me.

10.  AI (Illuminae) and Tris (Divergent)

I have no idea why I put the AI in here because it’s just something strange to rip or ship with another character, but the personalities of the AI and Tris work. They are both stony, but grow to be compassionate, especially for one person. I could ship it.

11.  Ron (Harry Potter) and Fletcher (The Novice)

I see this as a friendship, entirely. Their personalities would mix so well, kind of like a Harry and Ron situation, but Fletcher is so much more like Ron than is Harry. I would adore this friendship. I feel like Ron’s amazement with Feltcher’s demon summoning would be so cute and great. Ship.

12.  Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass) and Four (Divergent)

Halfway yes, and halfway no. Like, they’re both baddies and are so trained, but I also think Celaena is too intense for Four because he is so chill. I don’t know about this one…

13.  Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) and Chaol (Throne of Glass)

No. I like Chaol way too much to do this to him. Katniss is like a more tame version of Celaena, and Chaol is so freaking sweet in most of the books. I couldn’t put him through more heartbreak. And the way Katniss handled her love life in the series was so frustrating to me, like she never showed any kind of affection, so it never felt like she actually cared for either of them.

14.  Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses) and Hermione (Harry Potter)

I WOULD LOVE THIS. Two of my most favorite characters ever. Yes, 1000%. Because Hermione liked Krum, I feel like she’s into a bad-boy type (except for Ron) and would love Rhysand. Only if she isn’t kidnapped like he does to Feyre, she would never love him if he did that.

15.  Voldemort (Harry Potter) and Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

Lol, aw poor Bilbo. I feel like he would be terrified out of his mind. He would probably cry. Unless it turned out to be one of those weird fanfiction things where they fall in love, I could actually see that. But, I think I’m going to rip it.


Thank you for reading!


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