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You all know I love book couples – if there is a couple in a book, I probably ship it. I love that little break in a fantasy book for some romance, because author like Sarah J. Maas have perfected that romance break. So, today, I am going to tell my all-time favorite couples from books that I have read so far.


My realest OTP. I was a little iffy to jump on the Rhysand side because my unfortunate love for Tamlin was well established in the first book of the series – as you can probably guess, every minute I spent loving Tamlin is regretted. Rhysand just treats her so well, although there are problems in their relationship (but no one is perfect). And there is so much romance and passion between them that I feel only Sarah J Maas could have created because she is the queen of YA love plots. Their relationship is 99.9% of my drive to re-read this series. I still need to read ACOWAR though – I’m waiting for it to come out in paperback, and it’s slowly draining me.

Aelin and Rowan

I just finished Empire of Storms, and out of the books I have read of the ToG series so far, I feel like this is where their relationship has entirely blossomed – and it tore me apart in the ending. I cannot imagine a world where these two are not together, like the world would just be consumed by fire and depression and fall into a black hole. They are one being with two bodies if that makes sense. I used to wish Chaol and Aelin would end up together, but I have ditched that idea since the beginning of this book. Rowan is exactly what Aelin needed – someone who could calm her and keep her grounded, but someone to also feed her fire.

Ron and Hermione

I really wish we got to see more of their relationship besides their fighting in the last book and the flash forward scene. I appreciate that their relationship didn’t consume the beautiful world Rowling created, but I’m just interested in them. I think not knowing too much about them is why they’re one of my favorite bookish couples.

Elide and Lorcan

Since his first appearance, Lorcan has been the biggest piece of crap – he was just honestly a crap person. But like I said in my insta vlog, I feel like he just needed someone to love and care for; he needed someone to make him understand how to be human, and Elide is the most human character in the series. Elide has no powers that I know of, she’s injured and weak and has no one to love her. I think her weaknesses are subdued by Lorcan’s power, and Lorcan is grounded by Elide’s weaknesses. They are such a great blend of two powerful characters.

Ignifex and Nyx

Cruel Beauty was such a beautiful re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. It had such a perfect mix of plot and love. I actually loved Ignifex from the start, even when he was super arrogant and rude, but he only grew better. And Nyx was such a great MC to follow – she was really strong and fought for herself. Their personalities meshed really well in that they were both isolated people that had kind of given up hope for themselves until they grew to love each other.


There are plenty more YA couples that I could claim as my favorites, but these five are the main ones that come to mind.

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