Why I adore Hermione Granger

Hello everyone!

If you have read the Harry Potter series, even more so than watched the movies, you know just how strong and independent Hermione is. She is most definitely my all-time favorite character, female or not, and I feel like she is that character for a lot of people. Here are only some of the reasons why Hermione is a great character, role model, and woman:

She started a campaign for the freeing of house elves

This may be one of my favorite things she has done – I was so disappointed when I finally read the books and realized it wasn’t part of the movies. I feel like that could have been a key part in Hermione’s character and added to the lessons portrayed in the films.


She needed a time machine to get to all her classes

How seriously she took her education was such a great influence for me growing up. I would always tried to be like her in that way, and she was always just such an amazing role model for young girls about education and self-empowerment.


She punched Darco in the face

That was the greatest scene. Hermione will have none of your crap


She never once relied on a guy, even when she got a relationship with Ron

Throughout the entire series, no matter if she liked a guy or was in a relationship with Ron, she was the one all the guys depended on – she was strongest and most independent.


Her strengths were never less than those of the guys’

I noticed in some books *Firebolt* that girl characters tend to be distracted by guys and look weaker in comparison because of it, and the guy is never distracted and focuses solely on his abilities. Hermione never fell victim to that, and I really respected it.


Let me know some reasons why you love a female character, or what you don’t love about one!

Thanks for reading!


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