My top 10 worst reading struggles

Hello everyone!

So today I am going to run through my 10 worst reading struggles. I love reading, don’t get me wrong, there are just so many environmental factors that can make the experience… troublesome. There are also some aspects of books that make it a struggle, but there are only a few things that really make reading hard with the book itself.

In kind of a start to finish of the reading experience, here are the 10 worst reading struggles:

  1. When all of a sudden every book seems so interesting but unappealing at the same time.

Whenever I finish a really great book that I was just so involved in, the book hangover is so hard and sets a bad mood for starting the next book. You just know you won’t like any book as much as the one you just finished.

2. When any sort of comfortable position is just not working.

Trying to get comfortable, and stay comfortable while laying on your stomach with your book under you is so hard, but it’s such a convenient position.

3. When you get hungry or have to go to the bathroom as soon as you start reading.

It’s usually both, and I end up starting to read an hour after I thought I would.

4. When you finally get to that really good part of the book, but people will just not stop talking to you.

Can’t you see that Harry is meeting Voldemort? Back. up.

5. Having to re-read the same few sentences over and over because your brain is just not cooperating.

ALL. THE. TIME. This is the main reason why it takes me a while to read a book.

6. When you turn on music, can’t read with it so you turn it off, but then can’t read without the music.

Especially when you found the perfect music to go with the book, but it’s just too distracting and you’re no that invested in the story yet.

7. When the female characters become so enticed in a guy that she loses track of her responsibilities, and the guy is entirely unphased.

I’m looking at you Firebolt.

8. When you get too caught up in eating your reading snack to actually read.

I swear, I sit down with a box of crackers and then the box of crackers is halfway done and I’ve read one page.

9. The feeling while reading completely fine in the car, but then looking up too fast.

Then there is no more reading being done after that and you’re forced to look out the window and listen to music like some bad music video.

10. When you finish a book, feel entirely unphased although you loved it, then get hit several hours later by the BIGGEST book hangover.

Fangirl was a sneak attack. I had no idea how badly I was invested in that book until I tried reading An Abundance of Katherines and it just wasn’t Cath and Levi.

So, those are my 10 most troubling reading struggles – I hope you can all relate… or I hope you can’t so you don’t have to feel my pain. Leave your reading struggles in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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