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I love watching these kinds of videos on YouTube, so I thought I do one on here. Last week I did a controversial video on series I won’t finish, so I’m just making you all really hate me lately. Hopefully some of you can agree with me in some of these unpopular opinions! (I’m really just hoping my thoughts aren’t that unpopular lol). And this blog post will be a little shorter, but the next post will be a normal length because I dislike more popular books than I like unpopular books *hint.*

So, here are some of the books that are hated by a lot of the bookish community, but I love them:

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I’m not exactly sure why people have issues with this series; I thought it was really complex and well thought-out, and the characters showed a lot of character development in my opinion.

In this book we follow a group of boys that are trapped I the center of a maze. Every day people run out to find an exit, but return before dark when the walls close and the monsters begin to roam. So, these boys must find a way out, but nothing is as they expected it.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I realize that there were rumors about ghost writing for Zoe, but honestly, I really don’t care. I still really liked the book, and Zoe is incredibly busy with all that she does. So, ghost writer or not, I enjoyed the story. It was super sweet and gushy as any good contemporary should be, and with the cutest names: Penny and Noah. It even has some rep for anxiety as Zoe suffers with anxiety.

Penny is a teenage blogger (not book blogger, unfortunately) called GirlOnline. As life starts to catch up with her, her family goes to visit New York where she meets Noah, although she has a lot to learn about him.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

There was a somewhat big following for the first book, Red Queen, but that fan base steadily faded with Glass Sword and really suffered during King’s Cage, which even I struggle with reading. However, I still really enjoyed this book because there was so much travel and political turmoil and Maven is just so awful in the greatest way.

In the first book, we learn of a world where there are those with silver blood who have amazing powers and those with red blood with no powers at all. However, when Mare Barrow accidentally exposes herself as having powers, she must disguise herself as a silver in the king’s court to save her life.

Maximum Ride by James Patterson

This was one of my favorite books as a child. There was so much action and adventure, and everything 12-year old me desired in a book. Also, I loved Fang, he was also everything young me wanted.

Six kids were created in a lab as test-tube babies with their DNA combined with a small percentage of avian DNA… just enough to give them the wings of a very large bird. As they live their lives escaped from the lab that created and repeatedly tested them, the scientists continues to pursue them.

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

So many people are losing interest in this series and it makes me SO sad because I have poured my heart and soul into this series. Rowan and Aelin are giving me life and the world is getting so complex and growing.

In the first book, we follow Celaena Sardothien who was raised an assassin and is entered into a trial of the deadliest people in the land for the king to see who will serve him as the royal assassin. From there mysterious things begin to happen in the castle and to the contestants, and Celaena quickly learns that there is far more at hand than she thought. AND there’s a great love triangle.


Let me know if you love any books that most people hate!

Thanks for reading!


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