10 things you'll never hear a book lover say

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a funny (I hope) little thing on stuff you will never hear a bookworm say!


1. I totally have my TBR under control.


2. I already have a copy of my favorite book, I don’t need another one… especially not the special edition.


3. Keep talking to me, I’m only reading and it’s only the greatest scene in the whole book.


4. The Percy Jackson movie was so much better than the book – I loved that they made him like six years older than he should have been.


5. I can’t wait to set another Goodreads challenge – it’s not like it hangs over my head the entire year and nags at me.


6. I don’t judge a book based on its cover.

We all know you do.

7. I never wish guys in books were real, or would jump out of the pages and take me back to Prythian…


8. Magic isn’t real. Hogwarts isn’t real. I have never wished I had gotten a Hogwarts letter when I turned of age.


9. I’ve never written or read any fan fiction about boys in books or the movie adaptations.


10. I would never try to get out of plans with friends to stay in and read at night, who even does that?


What some things you think you would never hear a book lover say?

Thanks for reading!


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