A playlist for March

It’s hard to believe that while writing this it’s still March. This month has felt like a year. Time has seemed to slow to a near stop recently, despite having done so much and still needing to do so much. In March, I went on my spring break to Panama City Beach, Florida with my roommates and a couple friends. I’ve also seen lots of family these past few weeks, including some that I haven’t seen in upwards of 12 years, so it has been a very memorable month.
Fall & spring have always been my favorite seasons. I love the transition where so many new colors begin to appear and wardrobes shift.
In honor of the reemergence of sunlight and flowers, here is what spring 2019 has inspired me to listen to.

❀ favorites ❀
sturdy by Spectre Jones
elouise by the Lumineers
delta by Mumford & Sons
janey by Foy Vance
crash into me by Dave Matthews Band
she burns by Foy Vance
almost by Hozier
dead sea by the Lumineers
would that I by Hozier
wildflowers by Tom Petty
old pine by Ben Howard
at the table by Josh Garrels

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