My most anticipated books of summer 2019

The mood for this summer is very flowery, magical, & mixed with a couple of adventures, and I want that feeling to reflect in what I read. Since finishing The Rules of Magic, I have been in a dreamy, realistic fiction mood that I just can’t shake.
I have a great pile of books lined up for the coming summer, which I am thankful for because there aren’t many books being released in the next handful of months that have sparked my interest. Most of the series continuations that I saw were for series that I had wanted to start but never had, but I was still able to spot a couple of releases that I found intriguing.

Romanov by Nadine Brandes

May 7

Russian history seems to be making its way into the Young Adult literature scene, and I am anything but mad about it. I absolutely loved learning more about the culture and legends of Russia in The Bear and the Nightingale, so I am curious how it will be detailed by Brandes.
Romanov follows Anastasia “Nastya” Romanov as she smuggles an ancient spell as she ventures into exile in Siberia to save her family from the Bolshevik army. She’s confronted by two options to survive: she can release the spell and, with it, its consequences, or she can accept help from Zash, a Bolshevik.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson
June 4

An Enchantment of Ravens was a work of art with the colorful descriptions and usage of fae. Now, Rogerson is dabbling in sorcery — although I wish it was an AER sequel, I will devour anything she creates.
Elisabeth grew up surrounded by the tools and workings of sorcerers that turn into horrible ink monsters when disturbed — because all sorcerers are evil (who woulda thought). One day, Elisabeth is forced into action as an act of sabotage descends on her library, but her quick action brings her into question for the crime and must face justice. Through this, she meets the man she truly hates, Nathaniel Thorn, and learns of an old conspiracy and begins questioning all she knew of sorcerers.

Rage by Cora Carmack
August 27

I enjoyed reading Roar, the first book of the Stormhearts series, though it wasn’t one of my favorites. However, I do feel that as the series matures, it will get better and that really intrigues me. The premise of the series is interesting with storms and magic and travel, so I really want to like it; it’s like a fantastical storm chaser.
Now Aurora is more torn than ever between her life as a princess and her life as an adventurer. Whether she should give in to her desire for freedom, or be bound to her bloodline. Still disguised as Roar, she is now aiding a rebellion against her own kingdom with her royal knowledge. The Rage is impending with the rebellion, and the storms are evolving, now filled with darkness and violence, and it may mean war.

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