With a dreamy far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book…

Hello readers, my name is Taylor and I’m a twenty-something who’s rarely caught without a book in her hand. Usually, fantastical tales of forbidden love and swashbuckling duels and fae princes in distress pique my interest most, but I’ve been found reading just about anything. 
On top of my ever-passionate devotion for reading stories, I enjoy creating them just as well. Writing has been my true love since I could barely harness the English language at eight or nine years old. Then, it was adventures of witches and wizards in imaginary lands that stole my creativity. Though, maybe not so much has changed since.
When I have torn myself from the pages of my most current read, I can always be spotted hopping through the shops of downtown Chicago, strolling the flower beds in Lincoln Park, or dancing the night away at my family home in Florida.
As for this site, I will share my life through books, writing, and maybe a few non-sensical thoughts. If this interests you, I hope you stick around.
A writer is a world trapped inside a person.
Victor Hugo

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