The books on my TBR that I'm most excited for

I am coming out of my greatest reading slump of all time like a vibrant butterfly. I went from not reading for months and months to reading 5+ books a month — something I had never done before. Now, I realize I had missed a lot.

There are so many great books that came out during my reading slumber. It’s a wonderful time for fantasy romance lovers, as I’ve quickly discovered. 

King of Battle and Blood

by Scarlett St. Clair | published November 30, 2021

Long haunted by Twilight vampires, anything containing such lore has not attracted me. I love the Cullens with all of my heart and with heaps of nostalgia, but even when those books released, and the market was saturated with fangs and gloomy hunks, I hadn’t been tempted. That was until From Blood and Ash graciously entered my life. The element of vampires did catch me by surprise but, though I felt momentarily cheated into caving to the bloodsucker industry, I realized I should maybe give these books a try. How could Hawke not sway me?

To end a years-long war and protect her kingdom, Isolde will marry Adrian Aleksandr, the vampire king. And kill him. But Adrian discovers her plot, and Isolde is forced to navigate the dangers of the vampiric court and the frightening revelation that Adrian might intrigue her more than she’d like.

A Deal with the Elf King

by Elise Kova | published November 6, 2020

I love a quick, stand-alone, fantasy romance that oozes with cheese. It’s truly a delicacy.

For centuries, young women were taken from Luella’s village by the elves who hunted humans with magic. Luella was lucky to escape as a girl, for not many lived once they were chosen. But when the Elf King unexpectedly returns for her, years later, she is forced to become queen of a magic-filled land and a chillingly handsome king. 

The Iron King

by Julie Kagawa | published May 5, 2020

There’s nothing like teenage fae drama. It’s angsty and flirty and dangerous and dreamy. I discovered this book during my craving for something to take me back to Holly Black’s Faerieland, and it seems like a decent dupe.

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Meghan’s little brother goes missing, and she’s forced to learn the hidden truth. She is the daughter of a faery king and the pawn in a deadly war. While faced with a terrible evil even a faery would fear, she’ll learn how far she will go for love. Including a prince who offers only coldness.

The Kiss of Deception

by Mary E. Pearson | published June 2, 2015

Fleeing a wedding, stealing ancient documents, escaping bounty hunters — yes, please.

Princess Lia refuses to marry for an alliance, with a man she’s never met. On the morning of her wedding, she flees to a faraway village. She finds an average life and blends within the village, until two handsome strangers arrive. One, the abandoned prince, the other an assassin plotting her death. Though secrets, big secrets, unravel, Lia finds herself slipping and falling into love.

Have you read any of these dreamy books? Or are you adding them right to your TBR?

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