what’s on my reading list


by Joanne Harris

a charming stranger arrives in a small French town to open a chocolate shop, enchanting the village with desserts and tarot card readings

Mysteries of Thorn Manor

by Margaret Rogerson

in the sequel to A Sorcery of Thorns, our characters now unravel the magical trap locking them inside Thorn Manor

Beach Read

by Emily Henry

two writers struggling with writer’s block stay in neighboring beach houses while the challenge between them spark more than inspiration

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Daughter of No Worlds

by Carissa Broadbent

former slave and reclusive warrior united by dark magic and a looming war

The Stolen Heir

by Holly Black

eight years after The Cruel Prince finale, we follow Oak, heir to Elfhame, and a runaway Queen, his betrothed


by Costanza Casati

the rise of Clytemnestra, a villainess of Greek mythology, and the legends that led to her infamy

The Ex Hex

by Erin Sterling

a young witch recruits bubble baths, vodka, and a wayward curse to nurse a broken heart that starts to cause trouble a decade later